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Our Learning Center

This online community is for you to support the children of the world to become Kingdom principled visionary leaders for the betterment of the world. If you have enhancement ideas or would like to share the impact of using these lessons please feel free to post or contact me. 


The children in your life are the students we hold dear. Use the information on this website to empower the kids in your life to allow them to dream big and start each step no matter how small. This allows their true gifts and talents to be refined and their potential to grow and grow towards their future and life vision. 


The Potential Learning Center provides kingdom principled materials to teach kids the message of the Kingdom of God according to their gifts to become kingdom cultured visionary leaders. 

Our Teachers  

Here you are! Welcome to the Learning Center! You are the best teacher the children around you have. These lesson plans are based on the message of the Kingdom of God and its principles. They are here for you to use, share, learn, discover, and teach. 


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