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The King and His Kids

The King and His Kids

Why are you here? Do you have dreams? Your dreams make you special. Why? The King gave them to you. Everyone has his or her own purpose. Your passions and dreams come from your life’s purpose. The King will give you all you need to fulfill your dreams! Read to find out how. 

The King's Kid

The King's Kid: An Activity Book All About Who YOU Are

Do you know who you are? You are The King's Kid! This activity book will have you coloring, thinking, learning and answering questions about who you are and why you were born. So open this activity book and Dream Big!

The King's Kid

E.P.I.C.: Envision. Plan. Initiate Change. by Melissa Belz, Brittany Thompson & The School of Influence: Next Generation

E.P.I.C. Idea Book is a magazine that was created for the Next Generation and is filled with key principles that answer the five most important questions in life: "Who am I?" "Where do I come from?" "Why am I here?" "What can I do?" and "Where am I going?" Each article tells a story that brings the principles to life and is accompanied by activities that challenge the reader to see and activate these very same principles within their own lives. Once these principles are activated, there is no stopping the reader from becoming the Agent of Change that they were created to be.

Other Highly Recommended Books for Children and Teens

Three Steps to Guide Your Children'ts Educational Future, by Dr. Juniace Sencharles Etienne. Are your children starting middle school? Do you find yourself getting frustrated while trying to understand the best route for your children’s education?  The purpose of this booklet is to give you three steps to guide your children’s educational future.

Little Kingdom Kings, by Linda Jo White. Once there were four Little Kingdom Kings who lived their whole lives learning, living and applying the Keys of the Kingdom. Because of this, they had good success and traveled the world changing the lives of millions. This book is inspired by Dr. Myles Munroe, Dr. Richard Pinder, Lavard "Manifest" Parks and Diego DeSantiago.

7 Principles to Achieve Educational Success, by Dr. Juniace Sencharles Etienne & PS. Paulina Soto Vasquez. Education is one of the most important keys that unlocks the door to success. These 7 principles will assist your student to discover the purpose of their education and create their own guide through their educational path and to their future. This is a book aimed primarily for students, but also for parents and professionals who are interested in guiding students in the definition of their life projects.

Baby Bird, Baby Bird What Will You Be?, by Linda Jo White. The reason for our creation and birth is to solve a problem which exists in the world in a way no one else can solve. Most of us are never taught this fact about ourselves nor are we encouraged to discover, identify, cultivate and pursue these God-given gifts. I find this to be one life’s greatest tragedies and hence,
the reason for the writing of this book.

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