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First you be, then you do. You do through your being” - Trista Sue Kragh 




This site was created for you, the parent, the teacher, the aunt, the uncle, the neighbor. The person that is re-discovering the message of the Kingdom of God and wants to share  it with the children around them. 

"A person's a person no matter how small." 
             - Dr. Seuss
"I'm not sure what is worse, a closed mind or a closed book"
- Anthony Liccione

Children's Books


Children's books and activity books that can be used with the lesson plans or on their own. 

Can YOU Make a Difference?
Yes YOU Can!
  • Encourage, train and support them in their gifts.
  • Let them explore the world and learn through their gifts.
  • Let them solve problems by using their gifts.
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