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Living beautifully, anyone can do it!

This morning as I was sitting in the auto dealership waiting on the service person to let me know my car was ready, I was watching the tv in their waiting room. The program blaring out of the speakers was a popular morning tv show with two hosts interviewing this lovely young actress. I have to admit this actress was one I was drawn too. I haven't heard much in the news about her except good things, she's pretty, she's kind, she has played pretty normal people in her roles in the movies. So she seems to be a regular girl who's dream of being an actress has come true (Ooo! a great topic for another blog, but).

Today I noticed something, when I looked at her beautiful face, it looked a bit different. A bit frozen in parts, a bit puffy in parts, a bit tight. I was quickly reminded that she must have recently has some sort of plastic surgery or proceedure done to her face. I was quickly saddened, here she is a lady, like me, with a son, balancing spending time with him and her other work obligations and she is compelled to have chemicals injected into her face to look like society wants her to for the movies. I quickly remembered something I heard...

Just last night Trista Kragh was speaking at our monthly Leadership meeting about our vision at KCI. She was talking about vision and planning. Did you know you can design your future? God created us with that much creativity. This phrase came to my mind, "Be You" and I thought, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who knows who they are: honest, faithful, kind, and smart, determined and all the other characteristics God has given us. So why does society keep focusing on perfecting our looks? Why is beauty so important? Does this solve our issues?

We are all drawn to a beautiful person, but what does that mean to you? Think about this question. Would this actress be just as successful if she never had any facial proceedures done? Lets say she played the same roles in all the same movies, would we still grow to love her as an actress?

You can be a beautiful person. As a matter of fact, you are a beautiful person, God already made you that way. You just have to live beautifully. Let me share a phrase by Trista, she said, "First you be, then you do. You do through your being." You see once you know who you are and your purpose for being, you can work in your purpose. Once you work in your purpose and you stay who you are... then that is living beautifully. What a life!

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