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To Be or Not To Be a Leader

You guys know I am an aspiring writer. I am always thinking about writing a blog, a book, a lesson plan, an email, a list ... I tend to start writing but am so concerned with publishing it right away that I never get a chance to review and perfect my writing. So I have many starts, but am never satisfied enough to publish. Today I've decided to take it a bit easier on myself when it comes to blogging. I would like to blog more often and the only way I can is if I write, reread, edit and then publish. So that is what I will do. I am refining my writing gift so please bear with me as I become a professional writer (well the best of the best, anyway). Here I go...

I am currently working on a lesson plan for young kids and I wanted them to know about leadership. It made me think of my son. He is 3 ½ and lately when we are walking somewhere he always jumps in front and says, “Follow me! I’m the leader.” I always ask him, “Where are you leading me?”

I ask him this is because all good leaders take his or her followers somewhere more beneficial than where they were.

Think about that… What is your concept of a leader? Power? Title? Position? If someone has these do they guarantee others will benefit?

Right now, my son is basically learning position. This time of year the preschool is getting the kids ready for the following year and giving them more responsibilities in the classroom. But I want to open the door in his mind that line leader is not a complete definition of a leader. I mean hopefully when they line up they are going to a beneficial place in the school, but it is a very shallow way to think of leadership and it feeds into the beliefs that one lucky, or specific person is a chosen person to lead the entire class to this new location or activity. When in reality leadership is in all of us. We all have an innate want to be a leader. Why? Because God put it in us.

Right there inside us with our dreams, passions, gifts and talents is the ability and attitude we need to be a leader in our own field of gifting. It is just up to us to believe, practice and continue to refine our gifts so that we can be the best of the best in our field. Then, we become a leader to inspire others to do the same for themselves. Many already do this, without titles, without “power”, without huge salaries; but they are living life to the fullest, they have what they need, they are happy and they are helping others. Leadership isn’t about me myself and I, it’s about me being my best and helping others do the same.

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